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Photovoltaics & heat pumps

How does a photovoltaic installation work?

A photovoltaic power plant is simply a system for electricity production consisting in the phenomenon of converting solar radiation into electricity.


Under the influence of a stream of light photons, electromotive force is generated in contact between the two. Such transformations can occur in many materials, but the most popular material has become silicon in which electrons moving from atom to atom are limited by chemical bonds and energy gap. Thanks to this process, energy is generated, which is then introduced into the inverter. It is here that voltage processing and monitoring of the functionality of the installation take place. Electricity for current needs is automatically consumed, and each surplus is transported directly to the grid. Later, i.e. night, winter on a prosumer basis, you can regain this energy and enjoy free energy all year round!

What is a photovoltaic power plant?

Photovoltaic installation is its own small power plant that will allow independence! The main composition of the installation includes not only photovoltaic modules with which energy is generated, but also elements such as an inverter - the heart of the entire installation that allows the processing of direct current into alternating current, AC and DC protections - which allow you to safely use the installation, assembly structure forming a skeleton for modules, wiring, additional fire protection, ground


Modern systems allow for a very fast return period, and the entire period of panel operation is estimated at 40-50 years! One more... Sun is needed to work on the installation!

It is thanks to him that we have the opportunity to generate energy, and in Poland you do not have to worry about it, there is a lot of it! In Poland, the intensity of solar radiation is 950 - 1100 kWh/m2 depending on the region. Thus, up to 11000 kWh can be produced from a 10kW installation in ideal conditions.

Electricity overproduced in summer can be used in winter, and with the help of our specialist we will choose the right power and solutions for you!

How does the heat pump work?

In the first heat source system, a liquid circulates, often a solution of glycol, and its task is to draw heat from the environment. Pumps also have a circulation in which gaseous refrigerant circulates. In the heat exchanger of the so-called evaporator, environmental energy is transferred from the first circuit to the refrigerant. In the case of air heat pumps, it is external air that heats the refrigerant. Another element is a compressor that increases the pressure and vapor temperature of the refrigerant. In another exchanger, the so-called condenser, the factor with increased temperature gives its energy to water by heating it. After giving up energy, there is cooling, liquefaction, expansion, and then the medium goes to the evaporator again.

Other questions

What is the lead time?

The order processing time is from 5 to 14 working days from the date of posting the transfer to our account. In the absence of availability of selected components or delay, we will always inform you by e-mail or phone and try to propose an alternative.

Is it possible to collect the goods in person?

Of course, there is a possibility of personal collection, after informing the guardian. Minimum 24 hours before the planned arrival.

Is it possible to buy only 1 or more panels?

Of course, it is possible to buy 1 module or several panels only with personal collection. The minimum order processed for shipping is full pallet units. Due to the possibility of damage during transport.

What if the package arrives damaged?

Upon collection, you should carefully check the condition of the shipment, and in case of damage, write down a damage report with the driver. If the damage was found after the driver's departure, you can try to contact the shipping company, but we cannot guarantee that such a complaint will be recognized. You can also contact us, we will try to help, but without a signed damage report, we also cannot guarantee the recognition of the complaint.

How many modules are on the pallet?

The number of modules is different for each manufacturer. Detailed information can be found on the catalog card of each manufacturer.

What are the available payment methods?

The only currently available payment method is prepayment based on the proforma invoice previously issued by us. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order goods on delivery or use a trade credit. In the case of orders with personal collection, it is possible to pay by card.

How sure am I that I will actually receive the goods after prepayment?

We often receive this question from our customers, which is of course justified due to the high value of the goods. Shopping at G-VOLT is 100% safe, we are a company operating on the photovoltaics market for over 3 years, with an established position on the market that you can verify on the Internet. We have already served thousands of customers and would never risk any lack of honesty.

Will the VAT invoice for the order be in the shipment?

No, we always send the invoice by e-mail to the address provided in the order, after delivery of the goods.

Why didn't I receive a warranty card for the ordered product?

Documentation is available for download on the card of the selected product on the website of our wholesaler.

Could I get technical support, e.g. selection of panels, inverter, optimizers?

Of course, our technical department can help in the selection of installation elements, we will also answer questions about the parameters of inverters and panels.

How is the possible complaint of the goods? What if your warehouse ceases to exist?

In the case of a complaint, please contact us at reklamacje@gvolt.pl with a description of the defect, serial number of defective components and sending a purchase invoice. The customer can directly report to the manufacturer or official distributor in Poland.

As a natural person who does not have a company, can I buy components from you?

Yes, our offer is addressed to both companies and individuals. In this case, we issue a name invoice for the order.

Is it possible to buy an installation with assembly?

No. We do not provide installation services.

How to choose the power of the heat pump?

You can use the free selection program -https://cieplo.app

Pozostałe pytania

What courier / shipping company are the orders delivered?

Panels are transported by RABEN, DSV, while smaller components are mainly by DPD courier, DHL

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